Summerstar 3+: the ideal summer tyre for your car

Summer tyres need to perform two distinct functions;
On dry roads, they must be able to cope with high driving speeds without bursting,
On wet roads, they must have a good grip to avoid aquaplaning and to reduce braking distances.

The Summerstar 3+ tyre is conceived to fit a wide range of vehicles. Designed in Germany and made in Europe, it possesses excellent technical qualities in terms of rubber compound and tread pattern.



Detailed description


Focus on quality:

The latest generation of Summerstar tyres falls into the same category as the tyres designed by the largest European manufacturers.

The Summerstar 3+ consists of a closed and compact outer shoulder, stiff circumferential tread ribs in the centre and an open inside shoulder.

It is designed to ensure an optimum tyre footprint and an even distribution of the tyre pressure, which results in an increased performance in terms of wear resistance, handling and braking.

European Tyre Labelling

Like all the tyres in the Point S range, Summerstar tyres are certified by the European tyre label. You will find all the details regarding performance listed by tyre size in the range table below.
In addition to the criteria implemented by the European Union, the engineers who were involved in the development of the Summerstar tyre have also considered a variety of factors - dry braking performance, exterior and interior tyre noise, as well as optimised longevity and fuel efficiency – in order to provide enhanced comfort and safety.


Dry Performance
The two outer circumferential tread ribs give the tyre more lateral and longitudinal stiffness which results in safe handling and reduced braking distance on dry roads.
Wet Performance
A new concept of longer and deeper sipes with a high and consistent number of biting edges. The braking distance is therefore reduced on wet roads for the whole tyre's lifespan.
The closed shoulders and the cone-shaped lateral grooves allow for noise reduction and greater ride comfort.
Over 10 rubber compounds, especially the full-silica one, are used to make the Summerstar tyre in order to achieve higher performances.

Dimensions And Eco Label

Sizes Load Index Speed Index Labelling
13 145/70R13 TL 71 T E C 70
13 155/65R13 TL 73 T E C 70
13 155/70R13 TL 75 T E C 70
13 155/80R13 TL 79 T E C 70
13 165/65R13 TL 77 T E C 70
13 165/70R13 TL 79 T E C 70
13 175/70R13 TL 82 T E B 70
14 155/65R14 TL 75 T E C 70
14 165/65R14 TL 79 T E C 70
14 165/70R14 TL 81 T E C 70
14 175/65R14 TL 82 T E B 70
14 175/70R14 TL 84 T E B 70
14 185/55R14 TL 80 H E B 70
14 185/60R14 TL 82 H E B 70
14 185/65R14 TL 86 T E B 70
14 185/65R14 TL 86 H E B 70
15 175/65R15 TL 84 T E B 70
15 185/55R15 TL 82 H E B 70
15 185/60R15 TL 84 H E B 70
15 185/60R15 TL XL 88 H E B 71
15 185/65R15 TL 88 T E B 70
15 185/65R15 TL 88 H E B 70
15 195/50R15 TL 82 V E B 71
15 195/55R15 TL 85 V E B 71
15 195/60R15 TL 88 H E B 71
15 195/60R15 TL 88 V E B 71
15 195/65R15 TL 91 T E B 71
15 195/65R15 TL 91 V E B 71
15 195/65R15 TL 91 H E B 71
15 195/65R15 TL XL 95 T E B 72
16 195/45R16 TL XL 84 V E B 72
16 195/55R16 TL 87 V E B 71
15 165/60R15 TL 77 T F B 71
15 165/60R15 TL 81 T F B 71

Where To Find Them?

Summerstar tyres are distributed exclusively within the Point S network. With over 4,350 points-of-sale worldwide, you will certainly find a Point S centre near you. Click on the drop-down menu below to start your search.

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