Point S 4 Seasons 2: the ideal all-season tyre for your car

For city drivers with a busy lifestyle and living in milder temperature conditions, Point S has developed the new generation of its all-season tyre: Point S 4 Seasons 2.

All Season tyres offer a great compromise in conditions where extreme summer’s and winter’s are not the norm. In countries where there are extreme weather conditions, it is still strongly recommended to use a Winterstar or a Summerstar tyre that is appropriate to the season.

Designed in Germany, manufactured in Europe, the Point S 4 Seasons 2 tyre possesses excellent technical qualities in terms of rubber compound and tread pattern.

Detailed description

Adaptability with Point S all-season tyre

Point S 4 Seasons 2 falls into the same category as the tyres developed by the largest European manufacturers.

It has been designed with a summer-optimised shoulder and a winter-optimised centre so it fits the all-season weather conditions.

The sipe distribution leads to homogenous block stiffness across the entire tread area that provides for high mileage through even wear of the tyre. Moreover, the constant research and development for optimizing the ingredients and mixtures of compounds leads to increased safety performances.

European Tyre Labelling

Like all the tyres in the Point S range, tyres are certified by the European tyre label. You will find all the details regarding performance listed by tyre size in the range table below.
In addition to the criteria implemented by the European Union, the engineers who were involved in the development of the Point S 4 Seasons tyre have also considered a variety of factors – dry braking performance, exterior and interior tyre noise, as well as optimised longevity and fuel efficiency – in order to provide enhanced comfort and safety.


Aquaplaning safety
Risk of aquaplaning is reduced thanks to various grooves on the longitudinal grooves on the tread (in the middle areas and wide lateral ones in the shoulder part).
All-season technology
Thanks to its functional pattern layout, Point S 4 Seasons 2 tyres enables excellent driving behaviour in both summer and winter conditions on both dry and wet roads.
Snowflake certificate
This tyre is certified for winter. The tread with sipe technology in central parts of the pattern provides excellent braking and grip on snowy roads. A TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) for winter will enable to judge winter suitability of this tyre.

Dimensions And Eco Label

Sizes Load Index Speed index Labelling
13 155/70 R 13 75 T F C 71
14 155/65 R 14 75 T F C 71
14 165/65 R 14 79 T F C 71
14 165/70 R 14 81 T E C 71
14 175/65 R 14 82 T E C 71
15 185/60 R 15 XL 88 H E C 71
15 185/65 R 15 88 H C C 71
15 185/65 R 15 88 T C C 71
15 195/50 R 15 82 H E C 72
15 195/55 R 15 85 H E C 72
15 195/60 R 15 88 H E C 72
15 195/65 R 15 91 H C C 72
15 195/65 R 15 91 T C C 72
16 195/55 R 16 87 V F C 72
16 205/55 R 16 91 H C C 72
16 205/55 R 16 XL 94 V C C 72
16 205/60 R 16 XL 96 H E C 72
16 215/55 R 16 XL 97 V E C 72
16 215/65 R 16 FR 98 H E C 72
17 225/45 R 17 XL FR 94 W E C 72
17 225/50 R 17 XL FR 98 V E C 72

Where To Find Them?

Point S 4 Seasons tyres are distributed exclusively within the Point S network. With over 4,350 points-of-sale worldwide, you will certainly find a Point S centre near you. Click on the drop-down menu below to start your search.

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