Utility vehicles are generally used as work tools. For professional use they are driven in all conditions whether loaded or unloaded.

Your choice of tyres is key to your increased safety while driving your van. The tyres must be robust and reliable in all circumstances.



Detailed Description


Focus on reliability:

The Summerstar 3 Van tyre has been specially designed to meet the requirements of utility vehicles.

Like for all utility vehicles, it has a reinforced structure to handle obstacles, such as pavements, and to maintain stability whatever the load of the vehicle.

The tyre’s technical profile allows the vehicle to achieve good performance both on wet and dry roads and its rubber compound ensures high mileage and optimises the service life of the tyre.

European Tyre Labelling

Like all the tyres in the Point S range, Summerstar tyres are certified by the European tyre label. You will find all the details regarding performance listed by tyre size in the range table below.
In addition to the criteria implemented by the European Union, the engineers who were involved in the development of the Summerstar tyre have also considered a variety of factors - dry braking performance, exterior and interior tyre noise, as well as optimised longevity and fuel efficiency – in order to provide enhanced comfort and safety.


Sidewall Protection
An extra layer of ribbed rubber on the sidewall which reinforces it and increases its durability.
Dry Performance
A profile with a compact block both on the shoulder and the centre of the tread ensures a better transmission of forces to the road and a safer drive over a longer period of time.
Wet Performance
The wide circumferential grooves and optimised sipes allow better drainage and grip.
The offset lateral grooves on the shoulder prevent the deformation of the tyre, even under heavy loads, and reduce the noise level, thus ensuring a comfortable ride.

Dimensions And Eco Label

Sizes Load index Speed index Labelling
14 175/65R14C TL 90 T E C 72
14 185R14C TL 102/100 Q E C 72
15 195/70R15C TL 104/102 R E C 72
15 215/65R15C TL 104/102 T E C 72
15 225/70R15C TL 112/110 R E C 72
16 195/60R16C TL 99/97 H E C 72
16 195/65R16C TL 104/102 T E C 72
16 195/75R16C TL 107/105 R E C 72
16 205/65R16C TL 107/105(103T) T E C 72
16 215/65R16C TL 109/107 (106T) R E C 72
16 215/75R16C TL 113/111 R E C 72
16 225/65R16C TL 112/110 R E C 72
16 235/65R16C TL 115/113 R E C 72

Where To Find Them?

Summerstar tyres are distributed exclusively within the Point S network.

With over 3,600 points-of-sale worldwide, you will certainly find a Point S centre near you.

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