Good tyres mean better ride comfort and safety. This is even more true of 4x4 tyres which are designed to have a perfect grip whatever the terrain (asphalt, dirt, sand, etc.).

Specially designed to be fitted onto 4x4 or SUVs, the Summerstar 3+ SUV tyres comply with a very precise set of specifications and standards to ensure your safety in all circumstances.



Detailed Description


Focus on grip:

Tyres are elements of paramount importance which maintain contact between your vehicle and the road. The quality of their grip guarantees increased safety for you and your passengers.

The Summerstar 3+ SUV tyre is designed to help you handle difficult terrains smoothly and safely. Its macro-block structure provides a good steering response. The stiffness of the reinforced shoulder block ensures the transmission of higher lateral forces in corners with maximum safety even on winding roads.

European Tyre Labelling

Like all the tyres in the Point S range, Summerstar tyres are certified by the European tyre label. You will find all the details regarding performance listed by tyre size in the range table below.
In addition to the criteria implemented by the European Union, the engineers who were involved in the development of the Summerstar tyre have also considered a variety of factors - dry braking performance, exterior and interior tyre noise, as well as optimised longevity and fuel efficiency – in order to provide enhanced comfort and safety.


The two outer circumferential ribs provide higher lateral stiffness to the tyre for a safe ride and a reduced braking distance on wet roads.
Four circumferential grooves allow for excellent water drainage in the footprint area. This results in a reduced risk of aquaplaning.
Wet Performance
Longer and deeper sipes with a high and consistent number of biting edges. The braking distance is therefore reduced on wet roads throughout the entire tyre life.
The tyre's siping design and block distribution has been optimised to help preventing the uneven wear of the tyre and to lower noise emission externally.

Dimensions And Eco Label

Sizes Load index Speed index Labelling
16 215/65R16 TL FR 98 H E B 71
16 215/65R16 TL FR 98 V E B 71
16 235/60R16 FR 100 H E B 71
17 215/60R17 TL FR 96 H E B 71
17 225/65R17 TL FR 102 H C B 71
17 235/55R17 TL FR 99 V E B 71
17 235/65R17 TL XL 108 V E B 72
18 235/50R18 TL FR 97 V E B 71
18 235/60R18 TL FR XL 107 V C B 72
18 255/55R18 TL FR XL 109 Y C B 72
21 295/35R21 TL FR XL 107 Y C B 75

Where To Find Them?

Summerstar tyres are distributed exclusively within the Point S network.

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